International Dog Show

"Baltic Winner 2013" , Riga, Latvia.



I have some good news! This season we have participated in various competitions and training camps. We had a lot of interesting meetings. I just don't have enough time to talk about this now, but I hope that I will have such a opportunity in the future :)


Training & Seminar for hunting dogs

Yulia, thank You very much to you for the energy and a positive, that You shared with all of us, thank You for taking the time to come to us! And You were all extraordinary! All those who have worked as a team, these two days. who are not afraid of the snow, nor cold, nor the difficulties in the way! As long as we're together, we can do a lot, thanks!

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Retriever Qualifyng Test (unofficial)

Organized by LLRK club and judge was Yulia Vershinina (Russia).

Thank you, Yulia - it was very helpful for us and I hope that this was not our last meeting!

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Duck hunting

I was glad to meet all friends, Alexandr&Natali, Irina, Svetlana, Aivars, Thank You for company!

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Retrievers Qualifying Test (NOU)

Test were organized in Estonia, judge - Vesa Hietikko (Finland,”Hietsun” kennel).

Our friends labrador Lima were entered. We had no luck this time, but I have a good reason for being proud of them is that they really did nice job and Lima have high chances of passing the test next time. Thank You Irina and Masha for wonderful company!

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Retriever hunting training.

Thank You all, for coming!

Liene, Irina, Svetlana Thank You for help! 


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The 4th stage of the "Baltic Storm" competition.

Judge: Jevgenij Malev (Ukraina)

Teodors Eshmir (Ted) was fourth in the Advanced Class (175 points out of 190)!


"Baltic Storm IV "  Advanced Class results:

1. Golden retriever - DALI - 190 P

2. Golden retriever - NADINA - 185 P

3. Newfaundland - BONIS - 180 P

4. Labrador retriever  - TED - 175 P

5. Labrador retriever  - ERGO - 170 P

6. Labrador retriever  - BEKETS - 165 P

7. Newfaundland - HEIDENHEIMA - 160 P

8. Labrador retriever - MŪZA - 155 P

"Baltic Storm`12" FINAL RESULTS:

1. Golden retriever - DALI - 460 P

2. Golden retriever - NADINA - 420 P

3. Newfaundland - BONIS - 410 P

4. Labrador retriever  - TED - 405 P

5. Labrador retriever - MŪZA - 400 P

6. Labrador retriever  - ERGO - 390 P

7. Newfaundland - HEIDENHEIMA - 300 P

8. Labrador retriever  - BEKETS - 290 P

9. Golden retriever - MARTIN - 105 P


Congratulations our friends! Ilgonis, Linda, Liene, Ruta, Olita, Alexandr & Natali, Sergei & Natalia well done and Good luck in the next season!


Thank You so much, Inguna und LLNK club for this season!


Retriever hunting training.

I was glad to see our friends at training,good job!


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Thanks for help Ivar and RIGA SHOOTING CENTER 


The 3th stage of the "Baltic Storm" competition.


"Baltic Storm III "  Advanced Class results:

1. Golden retriever - DALI - 110 P

2. Labrador retriever - MŪZA - 100 P

3. Golden retriever - NADINA - 75 P

4. Labrador retriever  - TED - 70 P

5. Labrador retriever  - ERGO - 80 P

6. Newfaundland - BONIS - 90 P


Watetcamp in Latvia "Baltijas desants`12"

It was the first watercamp organized in Latvia. A lot of new friends, a good experience and a valuable experience. This week instead of a lot of smiles and laughter, ups and downs, the sun and the cold water. It is hard to describe in a few words, just want to say once again thank you to all our good friends for the wonderful time spent together!

"Baltic Storm II "  Advanced Class results:

1. Golden retriever - DALI - 110 P

2. Golden retriever - MARTIN - 105 P

3. Labrador retriever - MŪZA - 100 P

4. Newfaundland - HEIDENHEIMA - 95 P

5. Newfaundland - BONIS - 90 P

6. Labrador retriever  - BEKETS - 85 P

7. Labrador retriever  - ERGO - 80 P

8. Golden retriever - NADINA - 75 P

9. Labrador retriever  - TED - 70 P


TV about water rescue dogs (LNT channel)


I was glad to work with our friends, we are a super team! 

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Water rescue dogs training

Coach: Yuriy Malev (Ukraina)

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The first stage of the "Baltic Storm" competition.

Teodors Eshmir (Ted) was second in the Advanced Class (55 points out of 60)!

Our friend Milbu Nadina (Nadina) won the stage! Congratulations, Alexandr & Natali and well done!


"Baltic Storm I "  Advanced Class results:

1. Golden retriever - NADINA - 60 P

2. Labrador retriever  - TED - 55 P

3. Newfaundland - BONIS - 50 P
4. Golden retriever - DALI - 45 P
5. Labrador retriever  - ERGO - 40 P

6. Labrador retriever - MŪZA - 35 P
4. Newfaundland - HEIDENHEIMA - 74 P
7. Newfaundland - ELFA - 71 P


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Retrievers Qualifying Test (NOU)

Organizer: Estonian Golden Retrievers Society

Judge: Risto Heikkonen (FIN)
Date: 26.05.2012
Location: Jõgevamaa, Saare järv


We had the Retriever Qualifying tests on Saturday in Estonia. I got to sit (or rather stand) with my hands in my pockets, as I had no my dogs with me, but our friends dogs Lima and Nadina were entered.


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Retriever hunting training season opening! .

I was glad to meet all friends!


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Speciality show for VIII FCI group , Riga, Latvia.



Congratulations our friends!




Retriever Specialty in Riga, organized by Latvian Labrador Retriever Club.

Labradors were judged by Jan Erik-Ek (SWE) Thornbreaker`s Labradors 




International Dog Show  in Riga, Latvia.

"Latvian Winner 2012"



I’m back from Crufts and again glad and grateful to meet all the friends from all over the world. It was fantastic to meet so many new and lovely people (and their dogs)! Special thanks to Olga ("Baltic Sun" kennel) for the wonderful company!

Of course, most of the time I spent in the hall where my favourite breeds are or around the trade stands and training demonstrations. Certainly I have never explored every hall so thoroughly or realised what an enormous show Crufts really is.


I’m back with some pictures of Labradors and new "Crufts`12" photo Album is coming soon!


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